What Is The Best Snake Repellent On The Market – Best For Yards 2018 Reviews

#1 Havahart - Dr. T’s Snake Repellent Granules

Snake-A-Way -- Drtsnatureproducts.com. (Source: youtube.com)

#2 Blinbling - Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

Blinbling Solar Powered Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Outdoor Waterproof Animal Repellent Combine with and Flashing Light Sonic to Repel Cats, Dogs, Mice, Snakes, Foxes, Moles and Other Animals
  • INSTALL: It's very easy to use, you can put the stake into the ground at any place you want, or hook it in your fence, best choice for your yard , garden, fruit trees, farm or flower beds,REMINDING: This product can be used with low battery power, the product is only to drive the animal without any chemicals, it is only issued 25kHz ultrasound to drive them away. Will not have any harm to the human body.And will not hurt your own cats or dogs or other pets.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: We offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence. Get 100% money back if the animal repeller doesn't satisfy your needs. Our animal repeller have 2-year WARRANTY!!
  • SUGGESTION: The animal repeller is activated by motion and combine with ultras sonic sound, flashes light and sound to chase unwelcome small animal out of your place. If the animal just stay a place and no move, this device would be not activated and no apperant result. So please found out the route that cats, dogs, mice, rats, squirrels would be move or appear, then plug or install this device and will be works great on deterring them.
  • FUNCTION: It uses the principle of infrared detection, in the detection of small animals at the same time to issue ultrasonic waves to drive small animals. It can help you stay away from nasty stray dogs, stray cats and other small animals harassment, thus protecting your property and your garden. Because it is a portable design product that can be installed in your home, garden, or anywhere in the courtyard.
  • WARM TIPS : For best results, keep the repeller head roughly 9-10 inches above ground. Allow the Animal Repeller to operate continuously for best results,Do not cover-up the PIR sensor To clean the repeller, use a damp-soft cloth and mild soap with water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents that may damage the repeller. When the PIR sensor detects motion, the LED light will flash and the ultrasonic signal will run for 15 seconds. Following this, the repeller will return to stand-by mode.

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Solar Animal Repeller Review. (Source: youtube.com)

#3 KVD - Sonic Spike Snake Repellant

Solar Mole Repeller Gopher Snake Repellent Sonic Spike (Pack of 2)
  • REPEL: Emits sound wave that can drive away moles, voles, mice and rats 650 Square Meters.build a safer place for you and your family.
  • EFFECTIVE: Send out a burst of sonic waves in every 30 seconds, of course the rats hate this sound and treat it as a symbol of danger, so, just wait for the rat rush their way out of your property for their lives.100% safe, compare with those expensive and dangerous chemicals and tools, would it be nice to use this one?
  • ECONOMICAL: Powered by a solar cell, no need for extra batteries. The unit will automatically collect energy from the sun during daytime in order to continue operating, during the night, which means your premises are impenetrable to all these unwanted visitors 24/7.
  • LONGER ALUMINUM TUBE: Can be plated into the ground deeper and more firmly. Insert the spike firmly into the ground and enjoy the pest free environment.
  • WEATHERPROOF: Suitable for all weather conditions. But Choose the best sun location, so the solar panel to can receive the light as directly as possible.

Last update on 2018-09-03 PST - Details

Vibration Snake Repeller Mole Repeller. (Source: youtube.com)

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